After reading the book Dream Big, you can hopefully see the importance of finding the treasure in your own chest. We are all made of a priceless, timeless treasure called stardust, even animals, and the animals discovered a long time ago that we can light the gift of stardust in our chest to give us the extra bit of courage, strength, and guidance we need to be able to achieve our dreams. It is how the first caterpillar turned into a butterfly, the first tadpole into a frog, and it is how I turned into a writer. I felt led to write a book about the power of a smile to help us live our best life, and for more than 10 years, I chased this dream. At times especially when the naysayers were around, I would cocoon, swim around in a pool of negative thoughts, consider running away I’d get so afraid, but like the animals in Dream Big, I chose to SMILE big and believe in myself and my dream instead.

And it worked. It was like I truly lit a spark in my heart, the powerful treasure in my chest, and I would keep fighting for my dream no matter what.


And YES! My dream came true. My book Dream Big is a #1 New Release on Amazon and has sold out of its first printing within 2 months.

Now I am an official TREASURE HUNTER 🙂 I have had a blast learning to find the treasure in my own chest and watching my dream come true. So I want to practice, learn, and have as much fun as possible Treasure Hunting. That is how I found GEOCACHING!

For you guys who don’t know, Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt for hidden caches/ treasures throughout the world using A Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device to play. To learn more you can go to my website

I have had so much fun with my family and friends Geocaching that we decided to partner with The Geocaching Team to create our own special Dream Big Treasure Hunt using CATCH-M Trackables (CATCH-M is The Magical, Mystical, Wished-Upon Star in Dream Big that lights the treasured stardust in our chest):


Here is the link to The Dream Big Adventure We created 1400 CATCH-M Trackables to go out into the Geocaching World, and I have to say I am absolutely blown away by this incredible community! Nearly 5000 people signed up to play. WOW! I could not be more excited that I found such an amazing group of Treasure Seekers!

For The Dream Big Treasure Hunt, we also created A CONTEST where you can win $1000 and an autographed 1st Edition of my book Dream Big. To play all you need to do is take a photo with A CATCH-M Trackable and A BIG SMILE and post it on social media with #GeoCachersDreamBig #Contest. We will pick the best 3 each month, and enter them into the pool of winners to select the Grand Prize Winner of $1000 and 3 more autographed books on WORLD SMILE DAY, October 6, 2017.

Our hope is that together people will have a blast hunting treasure, making memories, and even encouraging one another along the way to chase their dreams.