Wow, Africa! What an extraordinary adventure. Where to even begin?

I could not compile a list long enough, or even begin to measure the incredible impact the last 16 years has had on the Maasai and Kispigis communities in Kenya since We Charity partnered with them. But I can share photos and the thrill of what I got to see first hand in the 5 areas WE uses to help break the cycle of poverty.

First, We Charity has effected EDUCATION by building 20 new schools, accommodations for their teachers, and my favorite, libraries that are filling up fast with books. They also provide educational programming, teacher training, agricultural education, and the creation of math, reading, and other clubs of interest for the students.

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Second, they have effected HEALTH CARE by constructing the first hospital in the area with fantastic doctors, pharmaceuticals, and an ambulance to help insure the safe delivery of babies. According to the United Nations, the risk of death for pregnant women is about 1 in 38, and Red Cross statistics state that nearly 1 out of every 100 children dies before the age of five.

Third, WE has provided CLEAN WATER by drilling holes for fresh water wells and creating rain catchment systems which frees families from only having dirty river water that they must carry sometimes for miles on their heads.

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Fourth, they have built a large farm for FOOD to provide free school lunches along with independent school farms to help educate students on how to cultivate their own food.

Fifth, WE created OPPORTUNITY with Women Empowerment Centers where hundreds of women come together to make goods such as bracelets, belts, necklaces for The Me to We Store. Most of these women are the first in generations to be able to contribute financially to their families. A majority of Kenyans in the area live on less than $1.25 a day, which the World Bank classifies as extreme poverty. As a result, these women take great pride in their work and the knowledge that they can help keep their children in school, away from the statistic that twenty-six percent of Kenyan children between the ages of 5 and 14 are forced into child labor.

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The children in this area are full of energy and their vitality in the face of adversity, as well as, opportunity is contagious. I learned way more from them, than they could ever learn from me. And all this was happening because one 12 year old boy, over 20 years ago dared to dream. Craig Kielburger dared to get in the arena of life and fight for people he hadn’t even met yet, but he knew had limited means to change their realities.

Any one of us, at any phase in life, can also create a ripple effect for hope and for good. We Charity offers many incredible opportunities to travel with your families, your schools, or your offices, so that you too, can leave your own legacy, your own positive impact.

You can also be a part of this global community in your own backyard. WE provides tools, resources, and ideas on how to serve your own communities. WE even hosts global events called WE DAY that brings people from all walks of life together to celebrate the impact the youth are making in the world today. It is “The Celebration of WE”, “The Super Bowl of Doing Good”, “The Academy Awards of Changing The World” with events in stadiums through out our world filled with powerful performances, star studded speakers, stories that will move your heart, and tens of thousands of students who cannot buy tickets for the event. They must earn their tickets by serving their community or abroad. Check out their website to learn more

Now download the “You Can Page” from my website. Fill it out on your own, with your children, students, neighbors, or friends and decide The Global Legacy “you can” leave on the world.       Kronenberg_cover_comp_FB2

Together, if we decide to make a difference, our world will become an amazing place beyond all of our wildest dreams so lets DREAM BIG together 🙂

P.S. Know when you buy Dream Big for your family, school, neighbors, friends, or a stranger on the street, YES! A portion of the proceeds will go to support We Charity, and all they are doing to make our world a better place.