YES! Finally, after ten years, two weddings, two grand babies, the loss of both parents, a high school graduation and one quickly approaching, my dream has become a reality! Here is the ARC (…) of my first picture book, DREAM BIG, that launches January 10, 2017.

IMG_0428                                    IMG_0479                                   Kronenberg_cover_comp_FB2

At a concert with my husband ten years ago, my dream was born. The idea to write a book about a smile that would encourage people to live their best life filled with connection and kindness, hit me over the head like a 2 x 4 and after a lot of trail and error, wise advise, overwhelming moments where I wanted to quit I am actually holding the very first printed version in my hand! So BELIEVE in your dreams and never ever give up no matter how long or how hard it can be!!!

“You can live your dream!”

Now go to my website at http://www.katkronenberg.com/dream-board.php   Kronenberg_cover_comp_FB2

Start to see and believe in your dream by building your own Dream Board. It’s “Your Life’s Treasure Map”. A place you can start to know when, where, and how to live your best life.

My Dream Board sits at my desk to continually remind me to keep striving and believing in my dreams.

P1000570                                     P1000723

My son and his friends, who are about to start their first year of college, are also building their Boards so that they know what their goals and dreams are for their next chapter of life.

Another great way my grandmother encouraged me to chase my dreams was she’d say, “Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. Envision your dream.” She would then point to my forehead and command, “See it clearly here!” She would then hold my little hands, palms up, and command, “Now, envision your dream down through your chest, into your hands, and out into the world!” She would then lift my arms out to my side, then reach them up to the stars, SMILE big, and whisper, “Soon my dear, it will be out there for you and all the world to enjoy!” MAGIC!

                        So believe in your dreams and keep striving. It is worth it!

The thrill of seeing my grand babies holding, DREAM BIG, in their little hands is all the proof I need 🙂